Sunday, March 22, 2009


Brian and Tiff enjoying the scenery...

 Aubrie is all grown up!

Mom and daughter

Arches National Park

Aubs, Grandpa Richards, Mom, Tiff, Taylor and Cami Weight...
We look like super heroes casually coming to save the day

Sunny Moab (1/2 marathon, biking and jeeping)

Coming in from Moab 1/2 Marathon...1:38 and just happy to have made it with my injury!

The Moab group...We had a great time together.
Cami and mom(2nd in her age division) ran it too!

Brian is loving the challenging  biking.

Is this crazy or what?  I can't believe Brian took me jeeping on trails like this!

But we somehow survived!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Haircut anyone? Doctor? services at the Kasteler Household

Dad's getting a shot from our very own Doctor (Paige) in the house.  Thanks goodness he gets to wear some prize glasses!

Alyse set everything up so she could be a haircutter and scheduled everyone to come in and see her.  Our whole family now has some great looking hair do's.