Sunday, March 4, 2012

Was it a dream?...

The Island of Kauai

The Helicopter ride was a highlight...
Such beautiful coastline, waterfalls and mountains!

Our balcony... perfect for reading a good book with pineapple!

Chillin' on the beach... I could listen to the waves forever.

Hiking in paradise brought us to some amazing waterfalls and scenery!

This is the waterfall that would start out Fantasy Island :)

And to save the best for last, we got to be with good friends and lots of Chocolate Lava cake!

Happy Birthday to my girls... 
Where have my babies gone?...Paige and Alyse use to go through
and destroy one thing to the next.  Not sure if I really miss that stage.  But could
I get them back just for a couple of hours?  I want to squeeze their cheeks.

Happy 7th!  It's a Mexican Fiesta!

 Alyse...mustache and all!

Here is Paige with Juan ;)

Balloons, Mexican food, dancing, pinata, candy...headache?

Make a wish!  We LOVE you girls!

Look who loves skiing!

 Alyse on the lift all by herself!

 Big smile from Paige :)

"Can we ski every day?"