Sunday, January 1, 2012


Christmas started out different this year....  We just had a little tree
decorated with our some home made decor.

We headed out to California to be with GRANDMA and GRANDPA on their mission!

The kids LOVED staying with them... they have missed them so much!  We also got to
see the in's and out's of the mission office and their new home :)

We had the opportunity to do some sub for santa for some kids that really needed it.  Everyone 
really got into the giving spirit.
There was also a family that needed help with their yard since the Dad has had cancer
and they haven't been able to keep up.

We then headed out to the Newport Coast.... for some FUN in the SUN. 

Christmas night...

We were lucky enough to have Grandpa read us "Twas the Night Before Christmas"
(a Kasteler family tradition)

The kids woke up the next morning expecting to just open our $1 gifts (we had bought
previously at the dollar store for each other)...but found that Santa had still found them for a few gifts.

Christmas day...

Off to church... only to find that the time had been changed.  So instead we had our own meeting
with Grandpa and Grandma.  Everyone spoke and the twins even sang a primary song for us.

Watching the sunset... we are wondering... WHY don't we live here?

Next phase of the trip... meet the fam in St. George!  We had some fun playing tennis and 
watching bowl games!  Quite a game from those Utes.

HAPPY NEW nighty-night.