Sunday, September 16, 2012

From Spring, to Summer... which turns into Fall. All in the blink of an eye...

Ogden Marathon... Running with the best of the best!

From San Diego to Chicago... it is soccer, soccer, SOCCER!

This girl got to hang with me and the team in San Diego
LOVE being with her smiling face!

Wasatch Back RAGNAR!  Go Trading Paces :)

I think deep down we'd all like to be a CowBoy/Girl!

Go Alyse!  We love to watch you ski with that happy face!

 I can see a water war coming... hope there are no tears!...Love our Aunt Aubrie.

Cooling down in the lake with Brooke

S'more's are STICKY!

Bella LOVES ruling the neighborhood at the cabin
Alyse and Paige are ready for some serious swimming!

Brin got her braces off this Summer! YAY!  Thanks Uncle Mike :)
and Paige is living it up with the cotton candy at the neighborhood parade

The BEST Lake Powell sun screen for Broc

Wildflower Pedal Fest... a great ride that ends up at the top of East Canyon.
I found some new biking friends...Wahoo!

Alyse's first violin recital... she did so WELL!  Proud of you...

Mens 4.0 won in sectionals... WE ARE GOING TO NATIONALS BABY!
Nice job Brian!

Broc is a tennis stud (his words ;)

And here we are, back to soccer again!  
Brin made the Brighton team as a freshman...Nice job babe!

Paige (above) and Alyse (below) taking after their older sis.

 Back to school babes...

Mustache babes!

Welcome home ELDER COLTON!  we are so proud of you..xoxo

 And last but not least in this "catch up through the seasons" post... Alyse did the
ultimate, she chopped her hair for Locks for Love.  Alyse and Paige are wanting to be seen as their own selves...dressing differently and now a major hair change!
WHO knew your kids could grow up this fast... just don't blink, you'll miss it.

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Amber said...

WHAT?! How come I didn't hear about this?! Brekyn cut her hair? She finally did it! She looks so cute and it's fun to have the twins looking "individualized." Tell her she made a very cute decision. The twins both look so grown up! Love you all. :)